Mustang Survival – Helping People Survive

Mustang Survival is all about surviving the harsh elements, and it’s never a good idea to be stingy with equipment meant to preserve your life of the lives of your loved ones. Mustang Survival specializes in dry suits, PFDs (Personal Flotation Device), life vests, survival rings and more.

Mustang Survival PFD & Life Vests– Approved for commercial use has been tested for usage and safety. Some PFD are inflatable while others are not. Inflatable PFDs provides almost instant inflation and heavy-duty buoyancy. In the event of unconsciousness, the head would be comfortably above the water. The PFD features a whistle that’s easy to use and srill. Maintenance is minimal, check your gear to verify that it inflates correctly and make sure to clean your equipment to reduce mold and mold damage.

Mustang Survival Life VestMustang Survival life vest.

Mustang Survival Dry Suits – Dry suits are useful for a multitude of situations. A full-bodied dry suit, for instance, is a good option for divers who need the extra protection and body heat maintenance. They’re optimal for windsurfing, kayaking, water skiing, and more. Dry suits are also options for flooded areas, where bacteria and dirty water are aplenty, e.g. during a hurricane. These suits prevent (cold) water from entering.

Mustang Survival Rings / Life Preserver / Life Buoy – These rings are heavy and hard, so they are only appropriate in situations where there are not a lot of

Other Accessories – Mustang also sells items to maintain their survival gear as well as things like throw bags, inflatable rearming kits, camouflage gear, and rescue kits.people. For instance, throwing a survival ring into a pool full of people could be detrimental and harmful to the surrounding people.


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