Waterproofing Your Valuables

Typically, going out on the open sea for the day nobody stops and thinks, “Wait, what about my camera/phone/electronic device?” A day on the boat or a day at the beach means never toting anything that would react negatively with the ocean, like a cell phone. But that could cause issues; cell phones are a communication tool that may be necessary in an emergency, for those who don’t have PLBs or EPIRBs. Having a cover of some sort that prevents and protects an electronic device is not only an inexpensive option (in contrast to replacing a smart phone completely, warranties don’t cover water damage) but one that will prevent loss of data and stress, waterproof containers & cases.

Electronics and items that you should consider purchasing cases for: your smart phone or iPhone, camera, mp3 player, identification cards, credit cards, business cards, money, food, your GPS, etc. There are many different kinds of brands that sell these high quality water resistant waterproof containers and cases like Ottorbox, Drypak, Pelican, and more. It’s difficult to avoid the water when you’re out on it, so plan ahead and purchase a case or container that will safekeep your valuables against water damage. Before using these types of containers or cases, make sure to test them out in the safety of your home without any electronics. Simply close the case, submerge it in water, and verify no liquid leaked through.


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