Boat Covers For All Seasons

Nature is a harsh force to be reckoned with, it can make or break your boating experience. While you enjoy cruising on your boat with family and friends, there’s dirt, grim, salt, water, air, and sun all wrecking havoc on your boat. These things in small or large amounts, together or separate, do damage to water crafts. What makes things worse is that these components coat your boat and can age a boat exponentially. The life of a boat is significantly decreased when it isn’t cared for properly. That’s why things that stay outside typically should be covered or shaded. Not just boats, but bicycles, cars, chairs, anything that lives a majority of its life outdoors. Kayaks, canoes, pedal boats, wave runners, Jet skis, all these fun water based vessels are subjected to the elements on a daily basis.

Types of Boat Covers
Depending on your location, you should consider the type of cover you want to invest in. You may even want to invest in multiple types of covers, depending on what you intend to protect your vessel from. Perhaps you should considering purchasing one kind of cover during the winter and another boat cover during the summer. Unless you live in a state where there’s only one type of weather, humidity (like Florida). Covering individual parts of your boat for additional protection should also be considered, e.g. a seat cover or bench..

This kind of boat cover is really built to last and endure the harsh conditions your boat will endure. Will work in nearly all climates with good resistance to high levels of UV and water. Most companies that sell this type of boat cover stand behind their product and will offer a three to seven year warranty. This cover has a high amount of breathability.

Acrylic-Coated Polyester
This is similar to polyester with its durability and resistance to water, though it’s better protection. This type of cover is best for dry, cool climates and NOT hot, humid climates. This type of cover has low breathability which is why it’s not good for those hot climates.

Acrylic Weave
This is the best kind of cover for boats moored in salt water, with extremely strong and durable weave that’s versatile for nearly all applications. It has great water resistance and high breathability.

Poly-Cotton Blend
Is the best for boats that are stored in a covered facility, away from the elements. It only provides some protection against UV rays and allows decent breathability for the boat. It was not made to weather harsh conditions such as hot, humid climates.

Preparing to Purchase – Measuring Your Boat

  1. Measure everything in a straight line; no curves, not deviations.
  2. Measure from the back center of the boat, to the tip – length.
  3. Measure from the middle of each side of the boat; port and starboard, – width.
  4. If your boat has a center console, jack plate, trolling motor, or aftermarket pulpit/ anchor davit make sure to record the height length and width of each object.

Keep in mind some boats require special adjustments such as a cabin cruiser, bass boat, pontoon boat, any kind of boat with a tower, T-Top boat, etc. In general a cover should cover everything and tie down so little to no air can get inside of the boat. Additionally, like boats, boating covers must be maintained. When a boat cover is not needed, it needs to be dry, stored in a cool, clean, dry place. Mildew needs to be prevented and addressed since it is damaging to the cover and hazardous to the health of the users. Covers should be treated with water repellent fabric guard, and cleaned with the boat (regularly).


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