Johnson Pump Systems – Your Everyday Marine Needs

The most well known and common type of Johnson pump are Johnson Centrifugal Pumps, available in many different models that can transfer water and other fluids over a variety of pressures and flow rates that comply with regulated standards of API, DIN, and ISO.

Johnson pumps are designed in a way to be easy to change out the components, between pump families. Said more simply, your boat requires more than one type of pump and having these versatile parts means there are more replacement parts on the market and at more competitive prices. It also means that the fix will be quick and in a way that won’t have you pulling out your hair.

Flexible Impeller Pump
Johnson Flexible impeller pumps are an innovative pump that can be used for many different uses, from a sauce dispenser to a component of marine wash down pumps and water pumps. Johnson Pumps have been constructing flexible impeller pumps some odd 30 years ago. The design of a impeller pump works best when it’s easy to service with a simple design, small surface space (easily installed in hard to reach places), not necessary to prime, not fragile, can transfer solids through pump without damaging the pump or holding mechanism.

Water System Pumps
Johnson pumps water systems feature the brand ‘Aqua Jet’, a quiet pulsating unit that has a five chamber diaphragm for the optimal water pressure for most sized boats. These water systems are designed to be simple, compact, with low amperage. These motors will operate in both salt and fresh water, and are also self-priming.

Oil Change Pump
This can be a difficult and tedious task if the boat has an inboard motor, thus having an oil change pumping system is especially important if not a requirement. The pumping system involves a pump and oil retardant tubing that forces the oil from the engine, into a bucket or pan, and then can be used for reintroducing new oil.

Recirculation Pump
Most often in a boat this is the kind of pump for recirculation of water in both heating and cooling systems. It is a closed circuit system in which the pump must overcome the friction generated of the piping system. Typically they are powered by centrifugal pumps and come in many different sizes, based on the boats and the needs of the boat

Macerator Grinding Pump
The most important mechanism of this pump is the grinding function. On a boat, this is what is used in correlation with the toilet. This is completely necessary if your boat has an on-board toilet. Or perhaps, it’s an option you want to consider when purchasing a boat. It’s more than uncomfortable being out on the open sea and needing to use the restroom, as well as having to hold it. So for the comfort of both you and your guests, we highly recommend using a Johnson lavatory grinding system. Lastly, Macerator pumps are also used to remove fish scales and other debris from fix boxes.

Wash down Pumps
Wash down pumps are pretty self explanatory. Aqua jet is the Johnson brand, designed to wash down your boat conveniently and with little hassle. It makes it easy to replace other wash down pump components, as well newly install it on a boat. Look for a pump that’s easy to use with little maintenance, read reviews, look for a wash down pump that is self-priming and has a long service life.

Mascerator Pump

Marine Toilet

Johnson Mascerator Pump

Marine Faucet

Johnson Wash Down Pump

Johnson Bilge Pump


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