Bennett Trim Tabs – Maintenance & Repair

More often than not, having hydraulic trim tabs means you will need to repair them at some point. Frequency depends on boat type, weather, boat maintenance, and overall quality of trim tabs. In the end, they just need to be maintained and some components replaced. Marine Supply Dock carries an assortment of replacement parts, and luckily Bennett trim tab parts (hydraulic trim tabs) are mostly inexpensive to purchase.

Typically most parts can be replaced by your average boater, saving hundreds of dollars in labor costs rather than taking it to a repair shop; or worse, having a mechanic come to the boat instead. Half the cost of repairing and replacing components is the cost of labor, so cutting down that labor cost is vital. Marine Supply Dock has the equipment you need, from solenoid valves, nuts and bolts, wiring, to actuators and switches.

If your hydraulic trim tabs need to be repaired frequently, consider switching to electronic trim tabs instead. Lenco offers an electric trim tab conversion kit.



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