About Us

Our experienced team of boaters have both owned and operated boats in the Gulf of Mexico for more than forty years total, can help you with all your boating needs. Not weekend pleasure cruisers, but hardcore fishermen and sailors who have sustained their own vessels under the harshest Florida conditions. Sailors who have worked diligently manufacturing new boats for more than fifteen years. Our experts understand components of a boat, from fiberglass and boat paint, to repairs and rigging. Trust us to impart the best marine knowledge to our readers, in the most straight-forward way possible.


Michael Jansma
CEO of Marine Supply Dock
Michael is an entrepreneur, through and through. He has created two companies, from the ground up. He has a great love for the ocean, spending much of his free time then and now on his very own restored 1988 28ft sky blue Mako. Undertaking a variety of restoration products, he is acutely familiar with the inner-workings and functions of vessels. Refusing to take no as an answer, and vowing to get the best price possible, Michael has created a company that exceeds customer service and products expectations by far.

Sean Kelly
VP Operations / Senior Technical Advisor
Our on-site boat expert has spent more than half his life building boats, producing, managing, researching, and developing boating projects in an industry where technical knowledge is an absolute must. He has over 18 years under his belt, since he was a young lad working at a neighborhood boat shop. Equally passionate for boating as he is at finding the best bang for your buck, Sean’s the guy to go to for all your complicated boating questions.

Danielle Witte
Creative Content Writer
Has been a Floridian since she was a little tyke; her parents owned a boat for a great deal of her childhood. Much of her time was spent on the beach or a boat, or simply in the great outdoors. She graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in English and minor in philosophy. Shortly after graduation, she spent two years traveling across Asia. She has interned for various media companies, covering topics from trading with algorithms to commodity hedging. She manages all the social media fronts for Marine Supply Dock.

Visit us at MarineSupplyDock.com!


One thought on “About Us

  1. We love this site because it has everything we need and so much more. The customer service staff is so friendly and helpful. Delivery is fast and always accurate. I love the facebook posts as some are great questions, some are humorous and I get a good laugh, and then some feature GREAT products. I’m glad I *liked* the facebook page! We highly recommend MarineSupplyDock.com They are truly the BEST!

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